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Module 1

Operations with Real Numbers and Expressions Part 1
Lesson 1 Comparing Real Numbers:

Compare and Order Real Numbers Study Island
Lesson 2 Simplifying Square Roots:

Simplify square roots Study Island

Lesson 3 GCF and LCM:

GCF and LCM of Monomials Study Island

Lesson 4 Exponents, Roots, and Absolute Value:
Read lesson 4 in textbook and complete multiple choice with calculator

Lesson 5 Simplifying Expressions:

Study Island for simplifying expressions
Study Island Quiz
Operations with Real Numbers and Expressions Part 2
Lesson 1 Estimation:
Estimation partner sheet

Review how to add tax or tip on to a bill with boardwork
Partner activity below

Lesson 2: Polynomial Expressions:

Multiplying binomials

Do bookwork p. 41-43 (1-11)
Polynomial Study Island

Lesson 3: Factoring Algebraic Expressions
No bookwork

Lesson 4: Factoring Algebraic Expressions
page 49-50 (1-8)

Lesson 5: Simplifying Rational Expressions

#8 and #9 shortcut with calculator

Rational algebraic Expressions Study Island

Study Island Quiz

Linear Equations
Lesson 1: Linear Equations Part 1
Lesson 2: Linear Equations Part 2

Table with the forms of writing linear equations attached below

skip #7

Lesson 3: Systems of Linear Equations

Solving a system using your calculator

Study Island Quiz
Constructed Response on big boards (page 80-85 in workbook)

Linear Inequalities
Lesson 1: Linear Inequalites

Solving absolute value equations
page 92 (1-10) in workbook
Lesson 2: Compound Inequalities

Lesson 3: Systems of Linear Inequalities

Tough Examples

Take SLO #1 again or IPAD app module 1 only!
Module 2

Lesson 1: Identifying and Representing Patterns
Read through 116-118 in book and go through examples together with a partner
p. 119-120 (1-7)

Lesson 2: Relations and Functions

p. 124-126 (1-9)
Patterns and relations and functions on study island

Lesson 3: Linear Functions
p. 130-134 (1-10)
Constructed response (page 135-142) any 3 of the 5

Study Island Quiz

Coordinate Geometry
Lesson 1: Slope, Intercepts, and Rates of Change

page 147 (1-8 skip 7) #2 draw a picture
extra credit #9 with explanation

Lesson 2: Writing Linear Equations

page 155-157 (1-10)

Lesson 3: Equations of Lines of Best Fit

Scatter plot link
page 160-162 (1-5) (Be sure to use your calculator for #5) STAT mode is HELPFUL!!!!!
Constructed response page 168

Study Island Quiz

Data Analysis
Lesson 1: Central Tendency and Dispersion
page 176 (1-10) skip #9
Lesson 2: Predictions from Data
No bookwork
Lesson 3: Representations of Data
page 188 (1-10)

Lesson 4: Predictions from Scatter Plots
page 192 (1-5)
Lesson 5: Probability of Compound Events
page 196 (1-7)
Constructed Response #1 page 198
Study Island Quiz

Calculator assessment

Take SLO #2 as final exam




Check Sheets for Module 1

Video for #3

Check Sheets for Module 2

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